Honey Creek News
  • End of a perfect day - Darrell Bush

    End of A Perfect Day

    The sun is setting, the waves are lapping at the shore.  The last of the shorebirds are dining on the bounty of the flotsam, and we are finally able to sit back, reflect on [...]
  • Maize Welcome Flag

    Welcome your guests with a Maize Flag

    Welcome your guests with this flag that is simply A Maize-ing!  This colorful fall flag brightens your home and tells everyone that even your corny friends are welcome. This [...]
  • Phantoms of the Plains - Grant Hacking

    The Phantoms of the Plains

    Out of the morning fog the rumble of the phantoms build to a low roar, until the Phantoms appear, massive beasts – the bison, filling the world with the power of the [...]
  • 100114_2104_TheRingNeck1.jpg

    The Ring-Necked Pheasant

    It’s Pheasant Season at Honey Creek! The pheasant season is here and the hunters will be in pursuit of one the most beautiful upland game birds, the ring-necked [...]


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